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IMPORTANT.....Please Read Carefully


We want every passenger to have a great day on our coach trips. We have a responsibility to ALL passengers and in consideration of the wellbeing of every individual, we must make a disclaimer. We have stipulated a DEPARTURE time and in accordance with the hiring of the coach, the driver and in fairness to ALL passengers we must keep to the time of departure.  Should the time of departure arrive, and we are missing one or two passengers we will wait for a few minutes – after that time we will leave and depart to Broomfield. IN SUCH CASES IF YOU MISS THE DEPARTURE time it will be your responsibility to make your OWN WAY HOME at your OWN EXPENSE. We never want to leave any passengers behind – please note the departure time of the coach and allow yourselves time to get back!!

If you encounter any problems during the day, please call one of the numbers below. 

For and on behalf of Broomfield Coach Trips

07767 607399           07760 881936                                    



The wellbeing of solo travellers is of the utmost importance to us, and we feel sure you will understand that it is our priority that passengers travelling on their own have a wonderful day out on our coach trips. We therefore must ask for an emergency contact phone number for a relative/neighbour/friend who we could call ONLY in the need of a medical emergency. We would ask you to submit this phone number before travelling on your day trip.


PLEASE NOTE:  Should we have reason to believe that anyone’s behaviour jeopardises the safety, security and comfort of others, then we reserve the right to refuse to carry any passenger deemed unsuitable.  And for the comfort of others we request you not to consume alcohol and/or hot foods on the coach.

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